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The overall goal is to create a safer work environment, reduce accidents, lower the Workers’ Compensation premium, and ultimately increase our client’s profitability. Loss Prevention Consultants serve as an extension of your workforce and will conduct monthly visits to assist your organization in compliance, training, and implementation of your individualized SOS ™ Business Plan. We work to form long-lasting relationships with our accounts for long term results, drive down claims and safety costs, improve employee morale, and ultimately add dollars to your bottom line.



Reduction in Workers’ Comp Premium Over 4 Year Period



Per Year Average Savings



Mod Reduction Over a 4 Year Period

Numbers are updated as of 1/31/18

Our Process

We become thoroughly familiar with your company’s needs.

Each Loss Prevention Consultant begins their engagement with a new client by becoming thoroughly familiar with every facet of the business. They also conduct a comprehensive study of accidents that occurred in past years, identify frequency patterns, and target for special attention the departments and employees with a higher-than-normal propensity for injuries.

We become your partner in safety.

When a company partners with SOS Consulting, they obtain the services of a highly trained and experienced Loss Prevention Consultant who becomes an extension of the employer.  Each Loss Prevention Consultant is assigned to a limited number of clients, since a significant amount of time and attention are needed to reach these goals.  This also ensures that our consultants are available when our clients need them.

We help build your safety culture.

The Synergy Of Safety® model is most effective when every member of the organization helps build the company’s safety culture. Our team provides initial training sessions for all managers and supervisors, during which we set clear expectations for both proactive and reactive safety behaviors. With the expectations set, clear accountability guidelines ensure that the safety program works. From the executive team, managers, supervisors, employees, and medical providers down to your SOS consultant, everyone is accountable for their safety responsibilities. Improving the safety performance of your whole team and building a culture of safety are the result.

We help to reduce workplace injuries.

Once your customized loss prevention business plan has been implemented we continue to refine your culture of safety by using the SOS ™ model to focus on the specific changes and challenges that are unique to your business and mitigate them which in turn reduce injuries.

Enhance your workforce, enhance your safety.

Our experience tells us that having the right hiring and training systems will result in a more productive and safer workplace. As most companies grow, their hiring and training infrastructure doesn’t keep pace. Because of this, it is our goal to ensure that the right person is in the right role with the right skills every time. Our consultants use our proactive multi-stage process to make recommendations or work directly with you to implement the necessary changes to enhance your staff. To learn more about our process click here.

Safer workplace means increased profitability.

Creating an environment where employees feel safe leads them to be more productive and engaged. Having an established, safe work environment will ultimately lower your Workers’ Compensation premiums and increase profits.

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I consider SOS Consulting one of my most trusted strategic partners. Like EEC, SOS understands that employees are our most valuable asset. Accordingly, SOS has been instrumental in helping us raise the bar on keeping our employees healthy and safe. Their holistic approach helps us prevent injuries and discourages fraud while keeping morale and productivity at a high level. They have helped to change our culture and enhance accountability for EVERYONE on our team.
You SOS people have been like a breath of fresh air for this account. I’ve seen and heard every pitch and every story over the years about what people would do to prevent losses and to mitigate those which did occur. SOS is the only group which I have ever seen who “practice what you preach.” For that, the client (and I) are extremely grateful.
We switched insurance companies and have contracted with SOS Consulting to help reduce our claims. Immediately we saw a difference in support. The SOS team visited our facility and trained our managers and supervisors in accident prevention and investigation. Our Loss Prevention Consultant has been outstanding in helping us put the emphasis on workplace safety, accident investigation, and follow-up.

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